Clueless California Democrat Rep. Loretta Sanchez tried to talk intelligently about guns to MSNBC… and failed miserably.

Appearing on MSNBC Live with Tamron Hall on Thursday, Sanchez made up a term to describe a gun while blasting congressional inaction.
“The reality is that Congress has been trying to get up some of these issues [relating to mental health] for the last five years, and we haven’t been able to,” she said

We let the assault weapons ban, which was led by our senator Dianne Feinstein, we let that lapse. So you know, multiautomatic round weapons are easily available, even though not in California, but they can cross the state line, as you know,” Sanchez insisted.

“Multiautomatic ?” That’s a new one.


California state senator Kevin de Leon was said to have rejoiced over hearing Sanchez’s semi-literate outburst, which he  hopes will distract people from his even dumber 2014 comments.