Tiffany Ford wants the world to know that her son who was shot by Wichita, Kansas police was an unarmed victim… so just please  ignore the police body camera footage that shows a gun in his hand, and the very physical evidence of a third-generation Smith & Wesson semi-automatic pistol that was shot out of his hand, impacted by a police bullet.

The mother of a teenage boy who is in critical condition after being gunned down by police on Friday evening claims her son was unarmed and unjustly shot.

The boy, who has not been named, was shot by Kansas police officers who mistakenly believed he was a suspect in a double homicide.

The teenager’s mother, Tiffany Ford, posted a video to Facebook early Sunday morning of her son lying in a hospital bed, unconscious and hooked up to hospital equipment.

In a separate Facebook post, she said police had been lying about her son carrying a gun at the time he was shot in Wichita.

‘My child was unarmed and shot in the back while running,’ the mother wrote.

‘This is an injustice,’ she added in a video post.
She described her son as a ‘beautiful person’ and said she would ‘fight for justice’.

We seem to see just how “unarmed” your son is in the body camera footage below on the right, Tiffany Ford.

He is clearly armed with what appears a gun in his right hand as he is running, turned broadside to this police officer. According to the fleeing felon rule, he’s a threat to the community.

The damage to the gun shot out of his hand did not come from behind, ma’am.

It clearly struck the side of the gun, and based upon the way the metal is bent, and torn, it appears to come from more the front than the back. Your “beautiful person” seems to have been attempting to point a gun at pursuing officers as he was shot, ma’am.

He then dropped the gun, which came to rest beside a school.

No parent wants to face the reality that they raised a thug. I completely understand that.

But the evidence is certainly pointing towards an inevitable conclusion, Tiffany Ford: your son is a violent thug, and shooting him seems to be very just indeed.