Videos from three Arab-Australian brothers have been shared everywhere on social media in recent days as they’ve turned fears of terrorism into fodder for pranks.  They dress up in “traditional” Arab dress, walk up on unsuspecting citizens, and throw backpack “bombs” at random citizens before running away, capturing the victim’s desperate attempts at escaping on hidden cameras.

You’ve probably seen this video (or one like it) on your social media feeds. This video alone has been seen 1.3 million times in just three days.

Backlash against their stunts have been so great that they’ve even ended up on the news.

Three Melbourne brothers were told they deserved to be shot after posting their controversial “public bomb scare prank” on Facebook.

The ‘Jalals’ are a group “entertainers” made up of three brothers Max Jalal, 19, Arman Jalal, 18, and Rebeen Jalal, 16, who said they like doing pranks “out of the ordinary”.

“We like doing pranks and this one is crazier than the usual thing you see,” Max told Yahoo7.

A news story has now gone viral that Arman Jalal was shot and critically injured during the filming of another video.

The Jalal brothers recently gained massive notoriety after posting a series of videos to Facebook where they dress up in Arabic-style robes and hurl suspicious parcels at random strangers while running off and sparking panic in their targets. The brothers, a group from Melbourne, Australia, call themselves the Jalals and just yesterday posted their third bomb scare prank video. The reactions they get are typically the same – the victim running away in sheer panic whether out of their vehicle, up an escalator, or even into a body of water.

This time, however, they apparently got a different reaction while filming for their fourth video. One of the men involved was shot in the stomach after ‘pranking’ the wrong man. It is unclear whether it was one of the actors or one of the brothers who was injured. The incident occurred late Tuesday night in a parking garage in East Melbourne. The subject is said to be in critical but stable condition at St Vincent’s & Mercy Private Hospital.

Yeah… it might be cathartic to think that these terrorizing little punks got their comeuppance, but the story isn’t true.

The “news” story hasn’t been verified by any credible news outlet in Melbourne or anywhere else, and a “weapons consultant for the military” Scotty Southam—more than likely a fake name—isn’t going to hurt anyone with his airsoft AR-15, featuring a magazine held together by screws.

Concealed carry does not exist in Australia, as the convict colony-turned-country does not recognize the natural right of armed self-defense. The odds of these obnoxious pranksters running into a law-abiding citizen in Melbourne carry a concealed weapon is precisely zero.

In the United States, we have 12+ million concealed carriers, so I would rather strongly suggest that would-be American pranksters not attempt to repeat this sort of prank here.  Such a stunt very well could end up in real gunfire.