As the song says, “If you’re going be dumb, you gotta be tough.”

A homeowner made a quick decision and shot a man accused of breaking in. That suspect nearly made a quick getaway, but then did something unexpected.

The suspect barely made it a block near Southwest 50th and May before he apparently had to make a life or death decision.

Police said he called 911.

“We saw him pull up over here, my sister and I did, and he crawled out and acted like he was in a lot of pain,” said neighbor, Margaret Rowell.

Rowell said they can’t believe what they saw as they sat on their front porch around 11:30 Thursday morning.

“And then we watched him get in the back of a truck and lay down, and he pulled his shirt up and you can see where he had been shot,” said Rowell. “It kind of spooked us when we first seen the guy because he was just in real pain.”

Moments later, Margaret said she heard the suspect calling 911 telling Oklahoma City dispatchers he had just been shot in a drive-by!

Moderately-amused authorities took “Dindu Nuffin” to an Oklahoma City hospital for treatment. When he is well enough he’ll be transferred to jail where he will face charges for the botched home invasion.

The home owner will not face charges.