A woman home alone with two children was doing laundry when three armed home invaders kicked in her door at the end of dead-end Atlas Road in Trotwood, Ohio.  Fearing for her life and the lives of her children, she complied and waited until she saw an opportunity, and then she went to war:

The victim told Trotwood Police the suspects then demanded she lead them to “the money,” and that she complied, leading them into a back room where a safe was located and two other kids were sleeping.

Trotwood Police said two of the suspects tried to steal a safe, while the third held the victim and two kids at gunpoint. They say the homeowner was able to get away and grab a gun she had hidden in the room, then started firing shots at the suspects.

“I got my gun and I started shooting and they ran!” the homeowner told dispatchers.

One suspect was killed by the gunfire, and was later found outside by Trotwood Police.

Police say the deceased is a male in his 20s from the Dayton area, and that he was in the yard between the victim’s home and another house, still armed with a TEC 9 submachine gun.

You and I both know the TEC-9 recovered isn’t a submachine gun, but we’re better educated on firearms than the Trotwood Police PIO (public information officer).

The dead thug, Azikiwe Presley, caught a single bullet through the left shoulder that transversed his chest and pierced a major artery before exiting his right shoulder. Even though cored broadside, he managed to escape the home before collapsing in the side yard of a neighbor’s house.

Apparently stunned to face armed opposition, none of the three armed thugs got a shot off as they ran for their lives.

Presley’s two accomplices, when caught, will be charged with his death under the felony murder rule.