We’re still hearing tons of complaints from “social justice” types over the death of Tamir Rice. They seem to think that a 5’7″ 195 lbs figure, his face obscured by a hoodie, should be able to reach for a realistic replica gun ten feet from a marked squad car without police officers responding to defend themselves.

In contrast to Rice’s death, this video from the VSO gun channel shows several males who are heavily armed with numerous semi-automatic rifles and handguns when a sheriff’s deputy drives up.

You know what happened?


They left the semi-automatic RPK on the deck, did not move their hands towards their holstered handguns, and acted like they had some common sense. The deputy spoke with them, established that they were engaged in lawful target shooting, wished them a good day, and left. That was it.

From the time I was in my teens until now I’ve had numerous interactions with police officers and sheriff’s deputies while armed with everything from handguns to shotguns to machine guns.

Not once did I ever make a sudden move that could be construed as an act of aggression, and the only time I even had a weapon pointed in my general direction—and that was only at a low ready—was when an officer happened up on me as he was searching for an armed robber who may have fled down the street where I happened to be walking (and that time, I happened to be unarmed).

I’ll share a secret with you: most law enforcement officers don’t see color, folks, at least not the way you think.

They’re busy looking for your hands, your overall demeanor, you mannerisms, your clothes, and other “tells” that might indicate to them whether you are a potential threat. The pigmentation of your skin is far down that list, as part of a much larger picture.

Act prudently, and you’ll live a nice long life, even if you do have frequent interactions with police while armed.