Blood flowed in the streets as people engaged in “wild west” shootouts just hours after Texans began exercising their rights to openly carry holstered handguns, just as gun control supporters claimed would happen.

After months of waiting, the open carry of firearms in Texas officially became the law early Friday morning. While the law has plenty of support and opposition, you will now begin to see guns carried in most places in the state.

Open carry will be allowed wherever concealed carry already is. The new law will let license holders carry their handguns in plain view, as long as the gun is in a shoulder or belt holster. But, many places will still have the option to keep open carry off their property.

The new law doesn’t allow open carry at schools, sporting events, or bars. Churches and places where government meetings are held can ban handguns as long as signs with the proper language are conspicuously posted.

Businesses can also ban handguns with the proper language and some already have announced they will prohibit open carry.

Oh, wait… nothing happened. Just as it did in the 45 states that had open carry before Texas did.

It’s almost like gun control supporters whip up hysteria based upon lies.