A pair of freelance asset reallocation specialists failed in their efforts to successfully negotiate an involuntary withdrawal of capital from a licensed Chicago intoxicant beverage purveyor Saturday evening. The proceedings were interrupted by the intrusion of a third party acting on behalf of the merchant, who made a much more compelling ballistic argument that the establishment’s monetary assets should remain on-site.

A liquor store employee shot and killed 2 would-be robbers at a South Side liquor store.

It happened at 8:30 p.m. Saturday at Z& S Food and Liquors in the 1300 block of West 87th Street in the Gresham neighborhood.

Police say two men entered the store with guns, one of them jumped over the counter and began to hit the clerk.

A relative of the store owner was upstairs and heard the commotion.   They allegedly shot the men, who died at the scene.

One witness was inside the store at the time of the attempted robbery. He says the men had their faces covered and wore hoods. He says they pointed a gun at him and told him to lay down on the floor.

Authorities suspect that the men who failed in their monetary redistribution efforts Saturday evening had recently been more successful in negotiations with other businesses.

This same business establishment has a reputation for the decisive termination of assert reallocation talks on short notice, have concluded another hostile takeover attempt in a like manner in 2011.