I completely missed the Serbu RN-50 at SHOT Show, but GunsAmerica did not:

Based in Tampa, Florida, Serbu Firearms has been a staple provider of unconventional and unusual firearms for years and are well-known for their uncomplicated and affordable .50-caliber rifles for people who want to get into long-range target shooting on a budget. Their latest .50-cal. takes simple and affordable to a new level.

The RN-50 was actually designed as a collaborative effort between Mark Serbu and YouTube sensation Royal Nonesuch — putting the RN in RN-50. The new .50-caliber rifle was built to hit the $1000 price point — something that no company has ever done before for a production rifle.

The gun employs a straightforward break-action design, with a screw-on breach block. Having to unscrew the breach block for each shot makes the rifle a bit slow to reload, but the simple loading and firing system is what makes the gun so inexpensive. At this price a lot of people will accept the trade-off that the shooter has to manually load each round before firing, and manually extract and unload the gun after firing.

You can read more about the rifle—which is debuting with an introductory price of less than $900 for the next few weeks—at the link above. It looks interesting, but I’m not sure I want to fire a 17-pound .50 BMG, even if it does have a good muzzle-brake.

As the brief video shows, the loading and unloading of the rifle are a bit unusual, but it is helping bring the price of the rifle down to where many more people can afford to shoot ultra-long range.