When it comes to Second Amendment concerns, we have several kinds of candidates remaining in the 2016 Presidential race.

  • On the radical left, we have Hillary Clinton, who is running against the right to bear arms as a central focus of her campaign.
  • Only slightly less radical is socialist Bernie Sanders, who still wants to gut your natural right to armed self-defense, but that’s a smaller part of his overall agenda.
  • In the middle we have the lip-service pro-gun positions of brain surgeon Ben Carson and businessman Donald Trump. Both are currently talking a good Second Amendment game, but their pro-gun positions are new, contradict previous anti-gun positions they held recently, and neither candidate has an electoral track record proving their stance.
  • Ohio Governor John Kasich has a mixed record, voting for the 1994 Clinton “assault weapon” ban, but has been strongly pro-gun since then.
  • We also have candidates who aren’t avid shooters, but who have proven themselves to have solid Second Amendment track records. Governor Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio fall into that classification.
  • We once had a number of candidates who were strongly pro-Second Amendment and are avid shooters, but now we’re down to one. Governors Rick Perry and Scott Walker were among the first Republican candidates to fall, and Senator Rand Paul bowed out recently, after never having gained traction. That leaves us with one Second Amendment candidate that has proven his mettle in office and who had a long and proven track record of actually being a “gun guy” who enjoys shooting. That’s Ted Cruz.

We do have the duty to point out which candidates are a clear threat to your rights, which candidates are largely unknowns or throw mixed signals on their support of gun rights, and which candidates have solid records of supporting the Second Amendment in both word and deed.

What you do with that knowledge is your decision.