We’re sure to have someone complaining that police officers were wrong to fire upon suspect Paul Gaston as he reached for a realistic weapon in his waistband after being told to get down on the ground, but the multiple cell phone videos that captured the incident earlier this week in Cincinnati show that is was a textbook case of “how to get shot.”

Cincinnati citizens called the police after Gaston, who appeared to be “under the influence,” crashed into multiple objects before finally wrecking his truck into a utility poll.

Paul Gaston appeared to be “under the influence of something” as he drove Wednesday down Harrison Avenue “hitting other things,” a woman told a 911 dispatcher.

After he crashed his pickup into a utility pole, a second 911 caller said he stumbled out of the vehicle, “dropped a gun, and then picked up the gun and took off.”

Less than half an hour later, Cincinnati police officers shot and killed Gaston, 37, after officials said he reached for a gun in the waistband of his pants.

Two videos of the Wednesday shooting later emerged from witnesses.

Five officers were on the scene attempting to take Gaston into custody. When he went for a realistic airsoft gun at his waist, the three officers directly in front of him fired a total of nine shots in roughly a second.

These three officers could clearly see what Gaston was reaching for in a head-on view as shown in a version of the video shown below; two others were off to Gaston’s right but did not fire.

An airsoft gun similar to a Springfield Armory XD Mod 2 was found on Gaston’s body.

Predictably, the left wing anti-police movement is attempting to claim that there is a racial component to this shooting, despite the clear facts to the contrary.

It’s very simple, folks.

If you make a motion consistent with drawing a weapon, police officers and other citizens are legally justified in shooting you in their self-defense.

Don’t be a dummy.