A concealed carrier in Chicago made the Windy City a little safer late last week with a volley of well-aimed shots into a paroled armed robber who got a little too greedy.

That’s one way to solve the recidivism problem.

A man was shot and killed while trying to rob two others in the Uptown neighborhood late Thursday on the North Side, police said.

About 10:30 p.m., two 23-year-old men were unloading a vehicle in an alley in the 1000 block of West Winona when a 28-year-old man walked up and demanded their things, according to Chicago Police.

One of the younger men handed over his cellphone and wallet, but when the robber said he was taking the car, the other 23-year-old pulled out a gun and shot him multiple times, police said.

Violent crime has exploded in Chicago as it has in many cities across the country in 2016, largely thanks to the so-called “Ferguson Effect.”

The Ferguson Effect is the name given to the reluctance of law enforcement officers to engage in proactive policing due to hostility from anti-police civilians and the Department of Justice that traces back to early in the Obama Administration.

The name of the phenomena comes from the Department of Justice’s attacks on Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson after he was forced to shoot robbery suspect Michael Brown to death, but traces back to Obama’s verbal attacks on the Cambridge (Massachusetts) police after Obama’s friend Henry Louis Gates was arrested after threatening police responding to a burglary call. The relationship between the administration and law enforcement nationwide has rapidly deteriorated since then.

Obama’s White House has routinely sent officials to the funerals of dead violent crimes, but refuses to send representatives to the deaths of officers killed in the line of duty, sending a clear message to the criminal class that the Obama administration supports the so-called “war on cops” by criminals.

Only 1 week into April, Obama’s adopted hometown of Chicago has seen 134 killed and 722 injured with firearms, almost all of them due to criminal activity the Obama Administration tacitly supports as they continue their attacks on law enforcement. Almost all of these crimes were committed with criminally-acquired weapons, as criminals routinely ignore Illinois’s ineffective gun control laws that hamper only the ability of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves.

What a stupid time to be alive.