Kids, do NOT try this at home.

Thanks to my friend Travis for being awesome and letting me use his property to film. Honestly this dude is awesome, ever time I go over there the lawn just gets destroyed, things catch fire that aren’t supposed to, and hes just a generally cool guy, thanks Travis!

This is part 2 from my liquid metal bullets experiment! Last week we tested how these bullets preform by shooting them into a tank of water, this week we got to have some fun! We shot watermelons, cinderblocks, starting fluid, and a bunch more. Its a long video, but totally worth staying till the end because you get to see me choke on a bug haha.

The first test was shooting bullets at a watermelon. We shot Sodium, Potassium, and a special alloy of sodium & potassium that’s a liquid! Its basically the closest thing to shooting mercury out of a gun!
These bullets are insane!

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