The presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump has taken three different positions on guns in schools since Saturday.

Donald Trump doesn’t want to have guns in classroom — but “in some cases,” he would prescribe that teachers should be equipped with firearms.

Trump’s comments were made during a single interview Sunday with Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” program, where the presumptive GOP nominee was responding to a question about Hillary Clinton’s recent attacks on his gun control stance.

“I don’t want to have guns in classrooms. Although, in some cases, teachers should have guns in classrooms,” Trump said during the phone interview. “Things that are going on in our schools are unbelievable. You look at some of our schools, unbelievable what’s going on. But I’m not advocating guns in classrooms.”

His next words: “But remember, in some cases and a lot of people have made this case, teachers should be able to have guns. Trained teachers should be able to have guns in classrooms.”

On Saturday, Clinton told a Florida gathering that Trump has “said that also on his first day in office he’d mandate that every school in America allow guns in classrooms.”

So, for those of you trying to make sense of this:

  • Trump said Friday at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum sponsored by Townhall Media/Bearing Arms that he would do away with “gun free zones.” This includes schools and military bases.
  • Trump then walked that back, and said that he didn’t want guns in classrooms.
  • Trump then modified that statement to say that trained teachers should be allowed to have guns in the classroom. Sometimes.

Trumps vacillating stance on the subject—many of Trump’s own properties are “gun free,” and there seems to be no indication he’ll change those policies any time soon—have give “Lyin’ Hillary” Clinton an opening to characterize Trump’s position(s) on the subject pretty much as she sees fit, and she will of course choose to characterize his positions as being extreme.

The reality of the matter, of course, is that Hillary Clinton’s position in favor of “gun free schools” has been proven to be the more extreme and deadly position, and leads to both slower response times and increased casualties.

Let me be chillingly clear: Clinton’s policies of retaining “gun free” school zones will create another Sandy Hook. 

The Homeland Security Institute at Purdue University studies school shootings, and models the best way to respond to and prevent mass casualties during such attacks. They determined that the most effective way to stop a school shooting is a two-layered approach, where schools have armed school resource officers (SROs) from local law enforcement as a permanent and overt security presence on campus, and specially-trained teachers/faculty/staff carry concealed weapons.

In the event of an attack on a school with such a system in place, the SROs would draw their duty weapons, then locate, close with, and either arrest or engage the shooter. The teachers/faculty/staff have a very different role; they lock their doors, move their students out of the line of fire and then cover the “fatal funnel” (the classroom doorway) with their concealed carry gun, so that if a shooter attempts to force his way through a locked door, he’s walking into an ambush where the teacher holds all the cards and is shooting at a stationary target at close range.

Trump needs to clarify that this two-layered security plan championed by school safety and counterterrorism experts is the position he advocates.

Hillary Clinton’s support of “gun free schools” will only ensure there are no nearby responders, and create another Sandy Hook.

Who’s the real extremist?