An attempted armed robber had no idea he was on a live video feed as he grabbed his shotgun and approached the pharmacy he had targeted in Levittown, Pennsylvania, and didn’t live long enough to learn from his mistake.

“He [the pharmacy owner] has a good camera system, so he actually saw the subject come into the store with the shotgun,” said Lt. Henry Ward of Falls Twp. Police. “He was prepared for the armed intruder.”

Investigators say the owner fired nearly a dozen shots at the armed man, striking him numerous times.

Sources say it appears the robbers intended to clear out the pharmacy. The dead man had zip ties by his body, so it appears he was going to tie up the pharmacy owner.

Any time I read that zip ties are in the possession of an armed robber I get the chills. While there is the possibility that the armed robber was going to simply tie up his victims and leave them unharmed, there are far too many instances of criminals zip-tying their victims and then executing them to avoid leaving witnesses to testify against them.

The most bizarre part of this one-sided shootout, however, occurred in the parking lot.

Though the store owner fired “nearly a dozen” rounds at the armed robber, killing him, the getaway driver in the minivan backed up to the front door for a quick escape didn’t hear any of the shots. He sat patiently waiting for his armed robber friend (who was busy negotiating passage with Charon) until the police swarmed in and took him into custody.

Under Pennsylvania’s implementation of the so-called “felony murder rule,” the driver may end up being charged with murder in the second degree because of a death resulting from his willful part in committing a felony crime.