Phoenix Police have confirmed that a serial shooter has now been linked to ninth attack since March.

Phoenix police say that a serial shooter has struck for the ninth time.

The Phoenix Police Department have connected a spate of mysterious shootings that have killed seven people and wounded two, to a suspect they call the “Serial Street Shooter.”

Authorities revealed on Wednesday the latest case they believe is connected to the suspect.

On the evening of July 11, a suspect shot at a vehicle in a residential area of Phoenix. Two people, a 21-year-old man and a 4-year-old boy, who had been sitting inside the car were not injured.

Police found physical evidence and a lot of similarities between the latest shooting and the previous eight, said Phoenix Police spokesman Sgt. Jonathan Howard. Like the previous shootings, there was “no apparent motive, no pre-incident contact.”

“There are a lot of things that struck investigators as resembling the serial shooter’s scheme,” Howard said.

Police revealed this information a month after the shooting, because “it took awhile for investigators to connect the evidence and witness information to draw the conclusion that this incident was linked to the serial shooter,” he said.

The killer is described as a light-skinned Hispanic or white male in his 20s, less than 5’10” in height with access to a white Cadillac or Lincoln type vehicle and a black late 90’s or early 2000’s 5 Series BMW. He has been using a pistol in the attacks.

The murderer has been focusing his attacks primarily on the working class Phoenix neighborhood of Maryvale.