I’ve had my eye on the Rock Island Armory M206 for the better part of a year now, after a classmate at Gunsite told me that this inexpensive revolver was one of the best investments he’s ever made in a handgun. If I remember correctly, he has four of theses little snub-nosed .38s, and they’ve only been lightly modified.

While short-barreled revolvers like these are harder to learn to shoot well than today’s striker-fired semi-autos, this little six shot is building a reputation for being a very good value, with street prices of $300 or less.

I think I’m eventually going to have to get one or two of these.

I put some rounds down range with the Armscor Rock Island Armory M206 revolver chambered in 38 Special and go over the details of the revolver and what I think of it overall.

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