A protestor blocking freeway traffic was shot and injured last night in Portland, Oregon after having an altercation with the occupants of one of the vehicles trying to make its way through the mob.

Shawna Hall, a North Plains resident who was filming the protests, said she witnessed the shooting and circumstances beforehand.

Protesters were walking west on the Morrison Bridge, and she said some of them were blocking eastbound lanes.

Hall, 28, said the car carrying the gunman navigated around other vehicles and stopped on the bridge. She said a rear passenger exited the car and pulled a gun.

There was a confrontation between car occupants and protesters, Hall said, and protesters told the occupants to leave. Another passenger ushered the gunman into the car.

The car traveled about 100 feet east on the bridge, Hall said, and was stopped by protesters. Some were yelling at the people in the car, she said.

Hall said all the car’s occupants got out and that there was an exchange of words with some protesters and a bit of pushing. She said there was a small physical confrontation involving a passenger — who wasn’t the gunman — and protesters. The gunman shot multiple times into the air, she said, and at some point shot the man.

Another demonstrator said the man was shot in the leg. Six pops, presumably gunshots, can be heard on video shot on the bridge.

Police said early information indicated the shooter was in a car, that there was a confrontation with a protester, and that the shooter exited the car and fired multiple shots, hitting a protester. The shooting victim was taken to a hospital.

The video that captured the shooting shows that anti-democracy agitators were in travel lanes impeding traffic. While some of the motorists rolled down the windows of their Priuses and hybrid SUVs and high-fived the protesters while expressing their disdain for President-elect Trump (even as they admitted they didn’t vote), others in vehicles were clearly ticked-off they were being surrounded and blocked in.

The occupants of a black Chevy Malibu get out of their car several times and threatened the protestors as they attempted to make their way through the crowd. An altercation broke out again a short distance up the road and as protestors mobbed the vehicle, and the occupants exited the Malibu again, and then one of the occupants fired a total of six shots. The majority seemed to be warning shots fired into the air to scare the anti-democracy protesters away from the car, but one of the agitators was shot in the leg.

The description of the suspect was very specific… except when it was not.

Police described the shooter as being 5-foot-8 and in his late teens. He has a thin build and was wearing a dark hoodie and blue jeans. Police said he left the scene, likely in a gray or silver sedan.

We’re asked to believe that protestors got a good enough look at the suspect’s face that they could tell his age to within a few years, but they couldn’t identify his race?

Oh, wait… the police did.

The left coast media has developed an overt and obnoxious habit of withholding the race of minority suspects in crimes even when they have detailed descriptions.

It’s going to be even more interesting watching the media attempt to spin the shooter as a white, pick-up truck driving Trump supporter.