An man that relatives have identified as Frank Clark, a father of four girls, was shot and killed in an entangled gunfight with three Durham police officers after officers said that he made a furtive movement and then they heard a shot, causing them to open fire.

Family members in Durham are in shock after a man was killed by officers Monday afternoon when he was stopped near Wabash and Dayton streets in the McDougald Terrace area.

Police said 3 uniformed officers were patrolling the area due to a recent increase in crime. They saw a man on foot and stopped to talk to him around 12:30 p.m.

Police chief CJ Davis said in a news conference the officers saw the man “make a sudden movement” towards the waistband of his pants. After that, there was a struggle between the man and the officers.

Police said the officers heard a gunshot and then fired their weapons. Davis was not able to say how many of the officers or how many shots were fired. The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Family members identified him as Frank Clark although authorities have not officially released the name. They told ABC11 he was a father and was at the housing complex to visit family.

A gun was found next to the man’s body, according to Chief Davis.

Despite the fact that a gun was recovered beside the man’s body, his family is insisting that he was unarmed.

The incident took place in front of McDougald Terrace, the largest public housing complex in Durham, which has seen a 20-percent untick in violent crime.

The Durham City Council just approved the purchase of body cameras last night, but they have not yet been purchased.

The incident was not recorded on police dash cameras, and authorities are asking any witnesses—especially those who may have recorded the incident—to come forward.

Update: Clark has an extensive criminal record, including prior convictions for being a drug trafficker, a felon in possession of a weapon, and resisting arrest.