In world full of polymer and semi autos. A millennial was given a wheel gun of wood and steel….

Our instructor and media guy Brady was given a model 19 to train with because he is not a revolver guy and we wanted to remedy that. Today he sends us this video and says he’s in love. We thought we would share it with you … maybe one day he will be another one of those grumpy old revolver guys!- Clint and Heidi

At 46 I’m certainly no millennial, but I find it amusing that I’m on a similar path at the moment, shooting and carrying revolvers for the first time in my life after 20+ years of shooting semi-automatic pistols almost exclusively.

Brady here is working with a K-frame Model 19 from Smith & Wesson, while I’m trying out something a little different in a pair of Ruger revolvers (a SP101 with a 4.2″ barrel and an LCR with a 1.87″ barrel in .327 Federal Magnum in a project related to my upcoming book.

While a revolver may not have the on-board firepower of a “wonder nine,” they can conceal well, have a simple manual of arms, and have the power to get the job done. Unlike semi-autos, many can also be fired with other calibers of ammunition, with the .327 Federal being capable of firing the .32 S&W, .32 S&W Long, .32 H&R Magnum, and the .327 Federal Magnum (technically a super magnum).