I tend to agree with the conventional wisdom is that you shouldn’t bring a knife to a gunfight for the simple reason that ranged weapons give you a distinct advantage over someone with a blade outside of contact distance. Once a person with a knife is within touching distance, however, things can get nasty, fast.

Aberdeen police officers were called at 6 a.m. Saturday to a home on Liberty St. A resident told police he woke up to find a man, carrying a pistol in his hand, in his home.

The resident grabbed a knife that was lying nearby and confronted the intruder, who was stabbed during a scuffle during which he fired one round at the resident, police said.

After fleeing the house, the intruder was later captured by the Maryland State Police on Interstate 95 after he was involved in a car accident, police said.

The suspect was identified as Avalon Rosette, of Aberdeen, police said. He was taken to Shock Trauma, where he is listed in stable condition.

The resident was sleeping in the home’s living room when he awoke to see and armed intruder walking by in the darkness, grabbed a paring knife that was nearby, and plunged it into the home invader’s torso. The intruder, Rosette, then fired a shot as he fled out the door, bleeding.

Maryland police are calling this incident an act of self-defense and do not plan on charging the home owner, but the case will be forwarded to the state attorney for review.

Rosette will be charged with home invasion, first-degree burglary, first-degree assault and firearms violations.