Poor Babies: FOP says NFL's new no guns for cops policy is "an insult."

Schadenfreude alert!

On Monday, the president of the Fraternal Order of police called the new policy a quote “insult.”

“Chicago police officers are trained to use firearms to save lives and defend law-abiding citizens,” Mike Shield says. “It is an insult that a state certified law-enforcement officer cannot carry his duty weapon at an NFL event.”

The NFL policy is league-wide. Only stadiums subject to state or local laws that prohibit such a ban are exempt from the policy


The NFL’s policy of treating the cops like the rest of us (for better or worse) is warranted and particularly delicious in Chicago, considering top cop Garry McCarthy’s shoot first, ask questions later attitude towards the state’s expected 400,000 concealed carriers.

Despite the desire of some to be considered elites better than their fellows, law enforcement officers are indeed citizens like the rest of us, and are frankly more likely to murder you than a concealed carrier.

Parity among citizens is never a bad thing.

Now, does anyone have any idea on how we might cut politicians down to size?

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