Ithaca Gun Company brings 120 jobs to South Carolina

 Ithaca Gun Company, an Ohio-based firearms manufacturer, announced Wednesday their decision to expand their manufacturing operations to the Myrtle Beach area.

This is the second firearm manufacturer to move operations to the area with Connecticut-based PTR announcing this summer that their company would move to Horry County. And, Stag Arms, also of Connecticut, is in the process of choosing between Horry County and another site.

Ithaca cited the “pro 2nd Amendment culture” among its reasons for choosing the Myrtle Beach area, according to officials.

Since 1883, Ithaca has been an American leader in the development and manufacturing of premiere multiple gauge shotguns and the venerable Model 1911 pistol. The company’s current ownership has made additional advances in world-class quality and state-of-the-art gun manufacturing.

“The project will consist of a capital investment of approximately $6.7 million dollars plus the creation of 120 new high-skilled jobs. These high skilled jobs will include machine operators, gunsmiths, engineers and assemblers that will earn wages significantly higher than the Horry County average wage,” officials said in a press release.


Horry County seems intent on recruiting every gun company possible and bringing them to SC. If they land Stag Arms as well, then Myrtle Beach might become better known for firearms than the beach and golf.

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