Uh-oh: surveillance camera shows Dallas PD lied about shooting of mentally ill man

Today, Cardan Spencer and Christopher Watson are officers with the Dallas Police Department. If there is any justice at all in Texas courts, they will soon be prison inmates:

Family and friends of a mentally ill Rylie man want answers after a Dallas police officer shot him for no apparent reason Monday in broad daylight outside his home.

A police report says that Officer Cardan Spencer fired on Bobby Gerald Bennett, 52, after Bennett walked toward him and his partner with a “knife raised in an aggressive manner.”

But a neighbor’s video surveillance camera recording shows something different: It shows Bennett, who was seated in a chair, initially rolling back from officers as they advance on him. Bennett then stands up but does not move. His hands remain at his side and he is standing still when Spencer shoots him, firing his service weapon four times.

Bennett remained in the intensive care unit of a Dallas hospital Thursday after being shot in the abdomen.

Spencer and Watson were unaware of the surveillance camera, and claimed that Bennett was advancing upon them with a knife, which the video clearly shows not to be true.

The gunned a man down, and tried to lie about it. There is no place in law enforcement for men such as these.