Campaigning for McAuliffe in VA, Bloomberg's PAC lies about the "gun show loophole"

Michael Bloomberg’s Independence USA PAC has a new ad out attacking Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli in the Virginia Governor’s race on behalf of Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe, associating Cuccinelli with what they call the “gun show loophole.”


The ad begins with the voiceover, “The gun show loophole. It means anyone can buy a gun without a background check.”

The PAC them shows pictures of four mass murderers, asserting that if there were more oppressive background checks, that these four men would not have been able to become mass murderers.



Seung-Hui Cho bought both his Glock 19 9mm pistol and Walther P22 through a licensed federal firearms licensee and passed the FBI NICS background check system without a problem before going on his rampage in 2007.


Adam Lanza committed the murder of his own mother to steal the weapons he used in Newtown. Nancy Lanza had passed all her background checks.


Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis pass both the FBI NICS background check and the additional Virginia background check system implemented after Cho’s rampage at Virginia Tech.


Aurora Colorado theater shooting suspect James Holmes likewise passed the FBI NICS background checks system.

Using images of these four men, none of whom were impeded in the slightest by background checks, to promote more background checks, is simply, purposefully, and knowingly dishonest.

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