"He is clearly going to be a gun-grabber."

Ken Cuccinelli is entirely right, of course.

Terry McAuliffe would love nothing more than the NY SAFE Act brought to Virginia. McAuliffe would be thrilled to see the state’s shooting sports restricted and regulated to death, and hte citizenry disarmed. He is the first gubernatorial candidate in Virginia history to be proudly running on an openly-anti-gun platform.


Virginia’s gun owners and freedom lovers have a very clear option in the upcoming election. They can either all band together and strategically vote for Cuccinelli in hopes that Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians in Virginia can stage a stunning upset, or they can sit at home, or split their vote between Cuccinelli and Savaris, and give McAuliffe an easy victory.

If those who support the NRA and gun rights turn out for the election, they have the numbers to be McAuliffe’s anti-freedom campaign.

If you love your liberty, Virginia, get on your phone, get in your car, and get out the vote.

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