And you thought the American media stunk on guns

I doubt even the Washington Post would make a gun reporting mistake on par with this one from the Times of India.

The .32 bore revolver seems to be the favourite among MPs from Rajasthan. Out of the six MPs who have purchased a gun from the government between 2001 and 2012, at least three MPs have bought a .32 bore revolver while two procured a .32 bore pistol and yet one more a .99 pistol.

I want to meet the stud of an Indian politician (MP is short for “Members of Parliament”) that fires a pistol bullet that is nearly and inch in diameter!

If such a handgun were real—instead of a reporter’s mangled job of misstating that the politician purchased a Walther P99—it would probably look something like the fictional “Good Samaritan” from the comic book and movie Hellboy.


I get a chuckle thinking of what that would look like hanging from the hip of any normal-sized human.

Concealed carry of such a beast is, of course, not an option.