When this prankster is gunned down by a cop, concealed carrier, or homeowner, only his mother will mourn him. Maybe.

Colion Noir spotted this idiocy.

It is a minor miracle that no one call the police, or that a nearby homeowner or concealed carrier or someone simply driving by didn’t see this man—stalking people with what appears to be a real rifle— and take lethal force measures to prevent what appears to be a multiple homicide in the offing.


Just several months ago a woman intentionally ran over a man in very similar circumstances, and regular Bearing Arms readers know that 13-year-old Andy Lopez was just shot to death by a Sonoma County Deputy (more on him later today) for carrying a different airsoft rifle in a much less confrontational way.

There are some people who seem bound and determined to remove themselves from the gene pool, and “Lou Panick” is that special kind of idiot.

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