VIDEO: Solid Concepts produces the world's first 3D printed metal 1911

While hysterical politicians are considering the regulation of 3D plastic printers over fears that criminals will print plastic guns—because so many 6th-grade dropouts are CAD savants—Solid Concepts has bypassed the plastic gun drama entirely, and has printed the first functioning, firing 3D printed metal gun, a .45 ACP that has already sucked down an entire 50-round box of hardball.


You’ll note that the gun is accurate as well.

solidconcepts target

Eric Mutchler, Solid Concepts project coordinator, tells me, “The caliber is 45 ACP and please understand this was not an off the shell barrel. We grew it with lands and grooves in our 3D metal machine.”

Head over to their blog post for more details.

Scott McGowan Vice President of Marketing for Solid Concepts, says that, “we’re not going into production at this time.”

I’m going to read an implied “yet” on the end of that statement, whether he wants me too, or not.

Update: Solid Concepts has sent us a close-up photo of the printed barrel and several other parts that you might recognize. Click on the photo to enlarge it.


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