Felon gunned down by Chicago clerk was an attempted cop killer on the run

We  told you a story earlier today about a store clerk who shot and killed a paroled felon during a robbery. It now seems that the dead robber, Demarcus Brandon, was an attempted cop killer:

At the time he was shot by the store clerk on 87th Street Tuesday, Demarcus Brandon, 25, was free after being paroled in two 2007 criminal cases involving the robbery of a fast-food restaurant in Dolton. After that robbery, Brandon was shot when he aimed a shotgun at Harvey police as officers from several jurisdictions chased him and two other suspects.

For the last three weeks, Harvey police had been seeking Brandon after a man tried to rob a store in Harvey in Nov. 24, then shot a 43-year-old officer who is a six-year veteran of the Harvey Police Department, said Sean Howard, a spokesman for Harvey.

I’m pretty sure that the clerk is now politically immune from prosecution, even in Garry McCarthy’s Chicago.