School Project - Say No to Gun Control

We have a tendency in this culture to think that knowledge flows one way, from older accredited experts to young and less experienced students. The thing is, you can learn from anyone, if you take the time to listen.


This school project on gun control from a young Bearing Arms reader taught me a terrifying statistic that I knew nothing about previously.

Hippos killed 2,900 people last year.

assault hippo

As of 2011, rifles of all kinds are only responsible for 323 murder; so-called “assault rifles” are a small subsection of that.


Based on these figures, you’re ten times more likely to die from the charge of an ill-tempered semi-aquatic mammal than be shot with an AR-15!

If you need me, I’ll be doing bong hits with Gary Gutting and making up false syllogisms for the New York Times.

No, not really.

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