Cleveland CCH permit holder guns down thugs in violent home invasion

The Cleveland, Ohio homeowner wasn’t carrying at the time he was attacked outside his home at 2:30 AM, but he was able to get his handgun once they forced him instead at gunpoint, and he acquitted himself quite well:


A Cleveland homeowner shot two intruders who attempted to rob him during a violent home invasion early Tuesday morning.

Police say the two suspects approached the 24-year-old homeowner in the driveway of his house on Rudyard just before 2:30 a.m. The suspects took the owner into the house where he was beaten and pistol-whipped.

During the confrontation, the homeowner was able to obtain his personal weapon and fired at both suspects, hitting both.

EMS pronounced one of the suspect dead at the scene. Police arrested a second suspect a short distance away with a gunshot wound to the knee.

The homeowner is very lucky that he was able to turn the tables on his attackers, as home invasions often end up with a homeowner brutally beaten or shot simply because home invaders tend to be violent, sadistic scum that like to inflict pain.

It is too early to know if this attack is related to a nearby home invasion and arson last week that took the lives of two young girls, but it was relevant enough for the reporter to bring it up. It would be convenient if this shooting solved both crimes.

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