NICE CANS: Suppressor use "skyrocketing" in Ohio

I’d love to link the original Dayton Daily News story, but they’ve hidden it behind a paywall, so this is as good as it gets:

A newspaper is reporting that ownership of firearms silencers is rising in Ohio.

The Dayton Daily News ( ) said silencers are one of the fastest-growing segments of the firearms market — and registrations skyrocketed in Ohio last year.

Ohio saw the second largest increase in suppressor registrations in the nation. Experts said interest in the devices could increase if state lawmakers decide to allow them to be used for hunting.

Gun advocates said silencers reduce hearing problems related to loud gunfire and increase shooting accuracy. They said suppressors are safety devices that unfairly have a bad reputation.


Suppressors are one of the most useful accessories a shooter might own, and it is absurd that they are so strictly regulated as part of the National Firearms Act. At most, suppressors should be treated as a firearm, and I’d suggest that even that is too much.

They are, after all nothing more than mufflers for firearms.

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