Lessons Learned: Break-In at the Sootch00 Compound

What a horrible and unsettling wake-up call for one of our favorite YouTubers.

When you live in a rural area and dial 911, a 35-minute response time isn’t all that out of the ordinary. Thanks to budget cuts in many areas, Lengthy response times are common in urban areas as well.


Your life is your responsibility. Be armed, and be trained.

Note well that Sootch00 kept a number of firearms hidden in his home where he thought criminals simply wouldn’t look… and now one of his guns, a Browning Hi-Power 9mm, is in the hands of felons, and several others could have been.

It’s a lesson in humility, folks, that Sootch00 was kind enough to share. You aren’t so clever that you can hide guns where professional criminals won’t almost immediately find them.

Always keep your guns locked up unless you are carrying or using them. Simply putting them on a shelf, behind a door, or hiding them doesn’t work. It never does, and Sootch00 is very fortunate that he didn’t end up staring down the barrel of his own shotgun.

Learn from his experience.

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