Disabled homeowner in San Antonio puts load of #8 in punk's face.

A pathetic thug  and his group of friends attempted to terrify a disabled man in his home, calling him to come out into the street for a beat down. When the homeowner declined the offer, the thug then rattled one of the windows, causing the homeowner to believe that he and his buddies were going to break into the home and attack him there.


What happened next made me happy happy, happy:

Hernandez grabbed a single shot 12-gauge shotgun and fired one shot of No. 8 birdshot through the window, according to police. He told police he did not want to kill anyone.

The three men ran down the driveway to Merida Street, Hernandez told police.

The 23-year-old man had been shot and was taken to a hospital, according to police.

A woman, 36, drove the three men to the hospital in a Cadillac, according to police. The Cadillac had brass knuckles and two knives inside, according to police.

The woman and the three men were charged with burglary of a habitation with intent to commit assault.

You’ll note that the firearm this gentleman used to defend himself wasn’t anything tacti-cool or high-speed, but simple, single-shot shotgun loaded with tiny pellets designed for small birds and clay pigeons, not armed criminals.

Luckily, this time, it was enough.

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