Roanoke, VA armed robber collects cash, condoms, and a bullet.

Lee Warren Greene III thought the upper-middle-aged, foreign-born store owner would be an easy target.

He was wrong:

As seen on surveillance video provided by Hussain’s son and co-owner of the store, Zaighum Ali, the man was wearing a dark-colored hooded coat or sweatshirt, a mask and white gloves. Leamon said the man brandished a realistic-looking replica weapon, such as a BB-gun or pellet gun.

The man went to one of the store’s drink coolers, near the exit, and took a soda, Hussain said. As Hussain pushed a security alarm button hidden under the counter, the robber spun around.

Hussain said he assured the man that he hadn’t pressed the alarm. The man turned around again, this time to take a beer.

Hussain grabbed his revolver. He moved a few steps forward and fired.

The man dropped his gun and the shopping bag and ran toward the exit, Hussain said. Two bullet holes were left in the drink cooler, and one was left on each of the store’s doors.

A fifth shot struck the man in the back near the doors, Hussain said.

Hussain said he tried to run past the man to get away, fearing that the suspect was still a threat. But he said the man attacked him from behind and grabbed his gun.

The man tried to fire at least one shot, Hussain said, but the revolver was empty. The two continued fighting on the ground outside the store for several minutes until an employee of the next-door Paradise Grill, which Hussain and his son also own, called 911.


While Greene was shot in the back, he was thought to be armed at the time. It seems unlikely that Hussain will face any charges, though Virginia’s implementation of “castle doctrine” is established by case law and not statute, so there is always a chance that charges might be filed.

Greene has been charged with robbery and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

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