Colorado heats up on gun control again as 2nd Amendment supporters seek repeal

After recalling two Democrat state senators in recall elections and forcing another to resign to avoid a recall that would tip control of the state senate to Republicans, pro-gun Colorado Republicans are wasting no time in seeking repeals of the state’s new gun control laws.


Victor Head, a plumber from Pueblo, will testify at the Capitol Monday that the background-check law for all gun sales has made him and his family criminals.

Head will be urging lawmakers, specifically the three Democrats on the Senate State Affairs committee, to repeal the background check law passed in 2013.

“I don’t think anyone has any real delusions that it will actually pass and get a full repeal,” Head said. “What we’d like to do is at least let it out of committee and hear what our representatives and senators feel about it. See if their minds have changed, if the summer has swayed their opinion.”

The committee has three Democrats and two Republicans and is historically known as a kill committee, where bills unfavorable to the majority party go to die.

The summer brought three recall efforts of Democratic senators who had supported in some way the gun legislation. Two of those efforts were successful and the third was halted when Sen. Evie Hudak, D-Arvada, resigned from office.

In addition to battles over the gun legislation pushed through last year, pro-gun forces in the legislature are pushing other bills, including one to allow “constitutional carry,” the carrying of concealed weapons without licensing. Most of these bills are expected to be killed in Democrat-led committees and will never see the floor where they can be given a vote.


Colorado Democrats aren’t going to cede their newly-accomplished citizen control laws easily, and so we can expect them to “stand their ground” against every pro-gun law going into the 2014 election season. Battling over these laws is projected to be a talking point for both sides as we head into November’s mid-term elections. Democrats think that they will retain power arguing for citizen control laws on behalf of “public safety,” while conservatives are betting that there are more people who are pro-gun in Colorado willing to cast a ballot for those candidates working to restore the 2nd Amendment rights of the citizenry.

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