Colorado man draws gun, kills vicious dog attacking his children

There are two parts to this story, so let’s start with the most important part, that of a man using his pistol to dispatch a violent animal attacking his children as they were out for a walk:


A father was forced to shoot a dog to death in front of a local grocery store to protect his daughters who were under attack, the Grand Junction Police Department reported.

Krystall Herrera, 42, was walking the dog, named Sugar, on a leash shortly after 8 a.m. outside the Albertsons at 1830 N. 12th St., according to police.

Obviously, the father was in the right in doing what he had to do to defend his children from a vicious dog. It was the lesser of two evils, as is often the case in a defensive shooting situation. He quite clearly didn’t want to shoot the dog, but after it attacked his daughter, his options were very limited, and he is fortunate that he was armed so that he could stop the threat before the dog caused his daughter a more serious injury.

As for dog walker Herrera, she seems like she is going to have some explaining to do, as it appears the dog wasn’t hers and she didn’t have permission to be in control of the dog:

Herrera and two companions did not know the name of the dog’s owner and did not have permission to take the dog for a walk, police reported.

Herrera was arrested on an outstanding warrant and booked into Mesa County Jail, according to police.

Presumably, the dog’s owner has the option of pressing charges for animal theft against Herrera as well, among other charges.

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