Two year in, NY Safe Act snitchline has generated just one arrest

It has to burn the authoritarian little heart of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, but New Yorkers are refusing to use an anti-gun tipline used by the NY SAFE Act to rat out fellow citizens who are refusing to comply with the state’s blatantly unconstitutional gun laws:


The hotline flew under the radar for nearly a year as law enforcement officials said they were made aware of the tip line but many questioned whether the public new [sic].

There was plenty of backlash from pro gun groups and gun owners who were just finding out about the law for the first time in March of 2013. The initial story was picked up by numerous blogs and pro gun websites around the country.

According to data from a Freedom of Information Law request, two years later there seems to be no interest in a person turning their neighbor in or most firearms are legally owned.

In an email from the Department of Criminal Justice Services the records assessors office wrote the following — “there has been one arrest in connection with the NYS Gun Tip Line call. To date no rewards have been given”.

William Greene of Moreau, NY is the sole person arrested as a result of the tipline, and he was only caught because he posted the photo of a banned firearm for sale… on Facebook.


Like Connecticut, New Yorkers have responded to new draconian gun laws by simply ignoring them, but ignoring them simply isn’t enough. They must organize and defeat those politicians who voted for the NY SAFE Act without reading it, allowing Andrew Cuomo to sign the blatantly unconstitutional power grab in the dead of night.

Modern “progressive” politics echoing early 20th century European liberal fascism cannot coexist with the Constitution of the United States. Something must give.

It simply remains to be seen whether the people will push back strongly enough to reassert their God-given rights, or if they will cede their rights without a struggle to authoritarians who seem to think they are God.

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