Moms Demand Range Time

Part of the reason that citizen control cultists are so desperate to pass as many gun control laws now as they can is that they understand that they are losing the demographic war. Gun and ammunition sales at at an all time high, with particularly explosive growth in the number of young, female, and urban shooters.


Ranges catering to those rapidly growing demographics (young, urban, female) with features more akin to that of a country club than a dusty back-country range such as Frisco Gun Club are bringing in the crowds.

Women are buying guns in greater numbers than ever and the industry is taking notice.

Gun enthusiast Shannon Shell admitted, “When I first started I was really scared of guns. I hadn’t touched one before, had never interacted with one.  So the first time was really intimidating.”

That was five years ago when Shell married a gun enthusiast and figured she should give the sport a try. “I was surprised how much I loved it just after that first experience,” she said.

Now that Shell visits the gun range five days a week she says she’s noticed that more women are joining her. “I’m surprised how many women I see just coming on a regular basis.  Every time I come here there are more women.”

While many “old school” shooters (myself included) are comfortable on the relatively bare-bones outdoor ranges common in rural areas, large, department store-like indoor ranges like Frisco, the Silver Eagle Group in Ashburn, VA, and others feature brightly-lit pro shops, display cases, and attractively merchandised clothing areas that give an overall ambiance more akin to that of an upscale retail mall than of a stereotypical dingy gun store with narrow walkways between aisles and haphazardly-piled accessories. This is a much less intimidating environment to which new urban and suburban shooters (male or female) can more readily relate.



Presently, these comparatively posh ranges are few and far between, but they are definitely a growth sector pulling in new shooters and new allies in the fight for our shared Second Amendment rights.

In the end, that’s what matters.

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