Ugly Custom Mosins

FPSRussia think’s he’s got a pair of ugly Mosin-Nagants here, but I could care less how they look. I want to know how well they function.

What concerns me here on both rifles are the significant drops on their folding stocks. While Eric made some nice mods here, the drops on the stock are dramatic and requires the use of an adjustable riser to get a decent cheekweld with the scopes.


That works (at least somewhat) on the first rifle…


…but there is no riser at all on the second rifle at all, and our “Professional Russian” has to make do with an awkward and inconsistent placement of his midjaw on the stock that isn’t easily repeatable.


It is going to be very difficult to shoot this rifle consistently well, regardless of any inherent accuracy it may have, until he builds up the stock with a riser of some sort. Other than that, it looks like an interesting modernization of a classic rifle.

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