Butthurt minor media "outraged" over baby touching an empty rifle

Connecticut news media are pitching a fit over a photo of a baby in a car seat momentarily touching a .22LR rifle still being held by her father (he’s holding the rifle by the stock, though you can’t tell in the station’s closely cropped picture).


The gun shop posted the picture of the baby to its Facebook page—because, well, it’s cute—and the self-important busybodies have tried to demonize him ever since.

How dare someone let a baby touch an empty rifle.


Get over it, fools.

It was an empty rifle, with an empty chamber and the bolt back, in the possession and control of the child’s father.

Just because you hate guns, and hate people who own guns, and think your manufactured outrage is important because you’re offended… well, it doesn’t mean anything to those of us that are normal.


You want to express some outrage over something really dangerous to babies?

Focus something far deadlier, like this.



I won’t hold my breath.

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