Malloy On Connecticut's "Assault Weapon" Ban: "Your Side Lost"

When confronted by a citizen who takes issue with the state’s blatantly unconstitutional “assault weapon” ban, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy tells him that “your side lost” and that we must comply with the law.



He further—and dishonestly—claims that the law was merely re-outlawing guns that “were illegal until 2004.” Presumably, Malloy is referring to the 1994-2004 federal assault weapon ban, and is acting as if modern firearms and standard capacity magazines were always against the law until 2004.

This is a blatant and calculated falsehood.

It’s quite obvious from his rhetoric that Malloy has no intention of backing down and repealing this law.

What is still unknown is how greatly outnumbered Connecticut law enforcement officers are going to enforce this law, and if their attempts to enforce it are going to lead to an outbreak of violence as tensions remain very high in the state.

If blood is spilled as the result of enforcing this blatantly unconstitutional law, the blame will like squarely on the heads of Governor Malloy and the legislature.

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