MAIG Mayor Loses It On Air: "What Do You [Know], You're A State Senator!"

WV Senate Majority Leader John Unger and host Bray Cary absolutely destroy the hysterical Mayor of Charleston West Virginia, Danny Jones on a local “talking heads” show. Unger and Bray refer to the exact wording of the law time and again, and a hysterical, high-pitched Jones keeps telling them that the plain English of the bill doesn’t mean what it says.


Gun control advocate and Mayors Against Illegal Guns Member, Danny Jones, Mayor of Charleston West Virginia tries to debate WV Senate Majority Leader John Unger on the issue of state-wide preemption.

Mayor Jones’ position quickly deteriorates to screaming and name calling.

Highlights include:
06:21 Danny Jones: “What do you [know], you’re a State Senator!”
07:05 Bray Cary: “I can’t believe I’m defending this bill.”
07:50 Danny Jones “I can read too. We have lawyers interpreting this bill and not some knucklehead up at the Legislature.” [as he looks to Senator Unger]

danny jones

Gun prohibitionists are immune to facts, logic, and plain English.

Citizens of Charleston, I’m embarrassed for you.

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