Burglar Ignores Warning Shot, Is Killed By Shots From Multiple Family Members

I’d like to see the results of the toxicology test on the body of the dead burglar, as a sane and sober person doesn’t keep trying to break into a home after three residents warn him that they are armed. One of the residents even went so far as to fire a warning shot (which is rarely, if ever, a good idea).


All the evidence suggests that Mitchell Large went out of his way to trigger his shooting:

A 40-year-old man was killed Monday as he tried to enter a Winter Haven home, waking three members of a family who each drew guns on the intruder, police said.

Mitchell G. Large of Winter Haven ignored a warning shot fired by one of the family members, according to Winter Haven Police Department. At least two of the family members then opened fire, killing him.

Winter Haven Robbery Shooting

I feel very sorry for the two family members that opened fire on Large, who are obviously traumatized by the shooting. Police say that charges are unlikely, as this seems like a near textbook case of home defense.

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