"We Eliminated The Threat."

Almost four years ago, Paul and David Medawar and their employees were subjected to a terrifying mid-day armed robbery of their jewelry store.

After that incident, they obtained weapons training from their local sheriff, and they were prepared when another group of criminals attempted a similar robbery.


Another news station captured the details of the events leading up to two shots being fired:

The Medawars, who were watching video surveillance camera from the safe room, armed themselves.

“As they were looking for the other employees, that’s when we saw them on the camera. They were coming to us in our safe room. And that is when we warned them and they did not listen,” David Medawar said.

“He opened the door. … We warned him. And the door opened slowly with the gun pointed at us. He can’t see us, we saw him and it’s done,” Paul Medawar recounted.

“We told them, ‘We have guns. We will shoot you. Leave, leave. We will shoot you. Leave.’ And they did not leave. They came in and pursued to try to get all of us,” David Medawar said. “And we saw the threat; we saw him aiming his gun at us, coming in the door, so we fired and eliminated the threat. And they fled.”


Firearms are used to deter violent crime between 500,000-3.5 million times each year in the United States, dwarfing the roughly 11,000 criminal homicides. In most instances, the mere display of a firearm is enough to stop a criminal and cause them to flee. In other instances, like this thwarted armed robbery, shots are fired, but no one is seriously injured or killed.

Police are still looking the criminals involved in this incident. I suspect that they will not be found anywhere near Medawar’s again.

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