Ohio Ordnance Works Heavy Counter Assault Rifle (HCAR)

I’m assuming that since the citizen control cult hates “assault rifles,” that they’ll flock to the Heavy Counter Assault Rifle…. right?

The Heavy Counter Assault Rifle by Ohio Ordnance Works is based on the M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle. Chambered for .30-06, the HCAR sports many improvements over the original BAR including a reduction in weight of nearly 8 lbs, modernized selector switch and bolt hold open/release, and a proprietary 30-round magazine.

This was my favorite rifle of the 2014 SHOT Show (and is now the favorite of Andy from Ace of Spades, since I told him about it at the NRA Annual Meeting) and the prototype now has 14,000 rounds through it. It should be ready for production very, very soon.

As a side note, it was really nice to meet Andy, Ben, and John from Ace of Spades at the NRA annual meeting, which they talked about a bit on their latest podcast.