"He Was A Good Young Man..."

Antoine Hunter's car
Antoine Hunter was turning his life around… up until the point he fled from law enforcement officers, wrecked his car, and allegedly pointed a gun at them.

We cover a lot of defensive gun use stories here at Bearing Arms, and we’ve noticed something of a pattern in the sorts of offenders involved in these incidents.

While citizen control groups and their allied media like to point out incidents of domestic violence and negligence in which children are harmed in an attempt to scare law-abiding citizens away from owning guns, the reality is that most gun crime involves the actions of repeat criminal offenders… most of whom have lengthy records, typically with multiple misdemeanors and at least one felony conviction.

The death of Antoine Hunter, who was killed in an officer-involved shooting in Compton, California several days ago sadly isn’t atypical.

Los Angeles County Sheriff;s Department deputies noticed a vehicle driving recklessly, and attempted to make a traffic stop, believing that the driver may have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Instead of stopping, the driver fled, and the pursuit ended after a short chase that ended when the car crashed into another vehicle.

The deputies left their vehicle and attempted to affect an arrest of those in the crashed vehicle. The driver of the crashed vehicle then allegedly attempted to run down one of the officers, who opened fire on the driver.

The second deputy opened fire when he allegedly saw the driver—Mr. Hunter—produced an handgun. Mr. Hunter was pronounced dead at the scene, and his passenger was injured. It isn’t known if the passenger’s injuries are the result of the officers’ gunfire, a discharge from Hunter’s weapon, or from the pursuit and crash.

Antoine Hunter's car
Antoine Hunter’s car.

Mr. Hunter’s mother confirmed that he is precisely the kind of criminal typically involved in gun crime, in the same “he was the victim” manner we’ve come to know and revile.

His mother, Martha Willis, told KTLA that he was a good young man who was attending a community college. She said that although he did have some past problems with the law, he had been working diligently over the past couple of years to get his life back on track.

Willis added that her son was just three days away from getting off of parole.

He was turning his life around. He was a good boy.

Ignore his criminal record, the fact that he fled police, and the allegation that he pulled a firearm (which he illegally possessed) on law enforcement officers…

Like the majority of those people shot by another with firearms, Hunter was a convicted criminal, involved in criminal activity, and illegally possession of a firearm when he was shot and killed.

You’ll note that Moms Demand Action/Everytown, the Brady Campaign, The Law Center to Enable Criminal Violence (or whatever they call themselves), and other citizen control groups are all quite constant in their messaging and their targeting. you won’t hear them talking about the death of Antoine Hunter, unrelenting gang warfare (America’s real domestic terrorists), or the constant bloodshed in Mogadishu on Lake Michigan, otherwise known as Chicago.


Instead, these citizen control cultists are constantly attempting to pass punitive gun laws that only affect law-abiding gun owners.

You do not see them campaigning to have federal, state, and local governments enforce existing gun laws, stop cutting plea deals on gun crimes, or ensure that criminals committing gun crimes serve their full sentences. Instead, they seek to criminalize normalcy.

“Gun control” is nothing more or less than an attempt to turn  law-abiding citizens who are the masters of their fates into subjects who must bow before the power of government.

Ignore their true agenda at your own peril.

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