"Can I Call You Back? We're Robbin' This Place." [Video]

It’s too bad that there isn’t any sound to go with the security camera footage, as I’d really like to know what was so important for robber number two that he felt compelled to answer his phone during an armed robbery of a Frenso, California jewelry store.


I’d also like to know what he was trying to accomplish with the counter flop at the 37-second mark. I’m going to guess that he was trying to climb over the counter, but failed thanks to taking Common Core physical education classes.

In any event, the robbery didn’t quite go off as they planned, and they fled empty-handed and easily-recognized after the owner came out of the back room with a shotgun:

Noe Guzman is the clerk who let the two young men into the store. Tuesday at the store, Guzman said one bandit started asking him questions about bracelets when the other pulled out the gun.

“He cocked the gun,” Guzman recalled. “I moved over so that my friend in the back could see.”

Police identified Guzman’s “friend” as his uncle, and said the man is the store owner and was in the back room with his daughter and newborn grandchild when the robbers came in. Neither police nor Guzman named the store owner.

Guzman said the robber with the gun looked nervous and more afraid he would hurt himself than shoot Guzman.

“I didn’t want him to shoot me, he was shaking,” Guzman said. “So I told him, ‘Calm down, everything’s OK.’ ”

That’s when the owner came out of the back room with his gun — a shotgun with a bullpup stock — and told the robbers to back up. Guzman said the gunman shifted his attention from Guzman to the owner, and the other robber dropped on the floor and crawled “like the soldiers” toward the back door.

The crawling robber told the second to shoot. Instead, both robbers ran.


The shop owner apparently had a hunch that the young thug with the pistol wouldn’t or couldn’t fire his gun, and let them escape with their hides intact. The high quality video captured by the store’s security camera should make their identification and capture rather easy.

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