When The Good Guy With a Gun Is A Bad Guy With A Gun...

celia hill
Celia Hill, scumbag.

So here’s a defensive gun use where the print account just doesn’t do the actual story justice.

Officers arrived on scene and found the victim Ceilia Hill, 29, who told them she had been shot.

According to police she was taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

As police began investigating they found that Hill had tried to rob Kevin Winston, 22, who shot Hill.

Ceilia Hill is being charged with Aggravated Robbery.

Kevin Winston has not yet been charged.


According to the video (at the link), the story is actually far more interesting.

It appears that Ms. Hill decided to relieve Mr. Winston of some personal property, using a BB pistol to attempt to persuade him to give up that property without contesting it.

Unfortunately for Ms. Hill, either Mr. Winston recognized that her gun was a fake or he simply didn’t care, and then pulled out a very real gun and opened fire, hitting Ms. Hill in the calf as she fled. Multiple witnesses saw her flee down the street, still holding her quite useless BB gun, and called police. She was quickly located, arrested, and transferred to the hospital to be patched up before begin sent back to jail, charged with armed robbery.

The “victim” of the robbery, Mr. Winston, is now on the run from police.

It seems that Mr. Winston is a convicted felon, who illegally had the firearm that he used to win his confrontation with Ms. Hill.

Oh, dear.

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